To create harmonious relationships between community members and create an environment of mutual collaboration, we must follow a few guidelines. We encourage you to please read and follow them while interacting within the CoinField community. 

General Rules on Social Media:

  • We do not tolerate any comments/posts on our pages and channels that are:

  • Profane & abusive or demeaning for people belonging to any ethnicity/race, culture, age, sexual orientation, creed, nationality or political opinion.

  • Sexually explicit or pornographic.

  • Advertorial, fraudulent or misleading.

  • Harassing comments and negative posts related to CoinField will be removed.  

Coinfield reserves the right to ban or block accounts that propagate such messages.

  • Social media are public communities, and anyone can read, reply and interact freely with our official social media pages. Still, we strictly condemn any messages intended to harm the integrity of us and our followers or harm the public images thereof.

  • DO NOT share your personal or banking information on our online communities. Please contact us directly via DM or emails for customer service questions or platform-related matters. You should not disclose your account numbers, PINs, social security numbers, or passwords.

  • It is important that we deliver key information on social media and remain focused on the topics of discussion. Your comments should be related to the topics posted on our social networks. CoinField reserves the right to delete any off-topic comments and repetitive ‘spam’ comments, marketing materials, or support-related questions etc. We may also ban such users if deemed appropriate. 

  • CoinField aims to maintain a positive, clean and peaceful community environment. We welcome questions and commentary, including constructive feedback and differing opinions, but please remember to be both relevant and respectful with what you post. 

  • Please do not try to contact Management/ Staff on their personal social media accounts for matters related to CoinField. We have put a proper query-redressal system in place and you will be able to find the right contacts for communicating pretty much any issues or questions. You are always welcome to send us a DM on the official CoinField accounts on Social Media. 

**CoinField reserves the right to amend or remove any element(s) of the rules without prior notice.