The Sologenic DEX is made for the new-age trader. It is fast, intuitive and smart. You can securely trade SOLO, XRP and upcoming tokenised assets such as - stocks, ETFs, and commodities from anywhere in the worldIt’s available 24/7, which means you can trade anywhere and anytime.

Here’s how to begin trading with the DEX.

Have a look at our hands-on video tutorial that can teach you how to do this very quickly.

For a more comprehensive guide, you could follow the step-by-step instructions below. 

Access the DEX

To access the DEX, head to It will take you to the DEX web page. 

Click on ‘Access DEX’.

Connect your wallet 

At the trading terminal, you will need to connect a wallet. 

Click on the large red button on the top right corner, ‘Connect Wallet’

Select your preferred wallet. For example, the SOLO Wallet. If you do not already have a SOLO 

Wallet, download it on your mobile device. The setup is easy. 

Once you have your SOLO Wallet open on your mobile device and logged in with your pin, click on

SOLO Wallet’ as your preferred wallet on the DEX. Note that you should have at least 20 XRP to 

activate it. 

Scan the QR code from your mobile wallet to the trading terminal. On your mobile device you will 

be prompted to sign in using your wallet password. 

Add assets

Once you are successfully logged in with the SOLO Wallet, click on the wallet icon on the left side of 

the dashboard to see what is in your wallet. 

You can now add assets. To add assets, click on ‘Add Asset’. 

You will be presented with a few options:

  • Sologenic Assets

  • Known Issuers

  • Custom Assets

(N.B: In order to add new assets and create a new order, you need 5 XRP in the reserve as well as 20 

XRP to activate the wallet.)

Now, you’d have to fill in your desired ‘Issuer’, ‘Currency’ and the ‘Limit’

Once that’s done you can click ‘Next’ and ‘Submit’ this selection. 

You will then be asked to sign the transaction. On the SOLO Wallet, this can be done in two ways:

  • Use the request tab at the bottom of your screen on the SOLO Wallet


  • Scan the QR code from your SOLO Wallet on your phone. 

In the right corner of the trading terminal you can track the progress via the trust line.

Create a custom pair

Go back to the trading page. 

Click on the search icon to search for the asset that was added. 

Choose a market (already existing pairs) or create a custom pair. You can send & receive any 

asset that exists on the XRPL.

Place order 

The balance could be checked on the right side of the dashboard. 

You can create a limit order. 

For example, put 1 as the amount and 1.5 as the price and hit ‘Place Order’ then, ‘Confirm’.

To sign the transaction, there are two ways as mentioned earlier. Through the request section in the 

SOLO Wallet App or by scanning the QR code. After you have signed the transaction, you can see 

the open orders at the bottom of the screen and in the order book. 

That’s it! Simple steps and you’re all set to begin your brand new trading journey. We hope this 

little guide helped in smoothening your experience.