To comply with regulations, we will make some changes to the current "Starter" account.


Our "Starter" account will become a "Demo" account, and it will give users access to the following:

  • The account Dashboard (view mode)
  • Referral Program


Users with a Demo account will not be able to trade, withdraw or deposit crypto and fiat.

Upgrade to a Pro Account


Users who currently have a Starter account and wish to continue trading in any capacity will need to upgrade to a “Pro” (level 5) account. Upgrading takes just 30 seconds and only requires full name, ID, and a selfie. 


To upgrade, users will need to submit the following documents: 

  • A Government ID from both sides
  • A selfie holding their ID


With a Pro (Level 5) account, users can benefit from increased security measures, services, and trading options. 


Pro account gives users access to:

  • Unlimited crypto-to-crypto trading
  • fiat-to-crypto trading
  • Unlimited crypto deposit and withdrawal 
  • Fiat deposit and withdrawal up to $10,000 USD/day
  • Free airdrops & rewards (when applicable)
  • Access to the token sale (IEO)
  • Access to API

These changes will commence from 7:00 PM (CEST), Monday, August 10, 2020.