What is the SOLO Savings Program (SSP)

The SSP is a community airdrop program exclusive to the SOLO community. Loyal SOLO HODLers who stake and lock their SOLO holdings for a set period of time can receive SOLO rewards. The rewards are distributed daily and range from 6% to 20% per annum year. 

How is the SSP Funded?

Funded by the SOLO Expansion Fund (SEF), the SSP fund’s purpose is to grow the Sologenic ecosystem directly, increase its global reach, and help to increase the value of the SOLO coin in the long term to protect all the initial HODLers. This fund goes towards the marketing and promotional activities for the Sologenic ecosystem, such as listing fees for SOLO on global exchanges, summits, gatherings, and worldwide marketing campaigns explicitly promoting the Sologenic ecosystem and SOLO coins as well as community Airdrops.

The SEF wallet has a total of 60M SOLO, which is equal to 15% of the total supply of Sologenic. The SOLO core team has decided to assign a small portion of this fund to create the SOLO Savings Program, to help the market price stability. 

Who is eligible?

Anyone who holds a minimum of 100 SOLO in their wallets has a CoinField Pro account and has passed KYC & AML can enroll with their desired amount of SOLO into any of the programs and receive daily rewards transferred to the same locked account. If the funds are removed from the locked account, the users will lose all the rewards received on a daily basis up to that date.

*This program is not available to the residents, citizens, or legal entities of the USA and Canada. 

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