Please follow the steps below to join our OTC Desk:

Quick Overview

  1. Create your CoinField Account
  2. Deposit your funds ($50,000 minimum for OTC)
  3. Contact us at
  4. An OTC trader will call you by phone or through Telegram (Clients need to request this feature)
  5. Price Quote Given for you to approve or deny
  6. If you approve a price quote, your trade will be executed
  7. Funds are settled in less than 24 hours 

In-depth Overview

  1. First, create and fully verify an Individual Account. You may then apply for an Institutional Account by going to your settings. 
    • Required Documents for Individual Accounts 
      • ID, Selfie, and a Proof of Address document
    • Required Documents for Institutional Accounts
      •  (Dashboard > Settings> Account Type> Corporate) 
        • "Original Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration." 
        • "Articles of Association", aka Operating Agreement, Constitution, By-laws (which defines company structure and management policy).
        •  An official Company Report which was issued within the last year, including a list of current directors (until natural person), a list of ultimate beneficial owners (until natural person), and their percentage of holdings, etc. 
        •  Please provide URL of Government website containing your company details that verifies authenticity of registration.
        •  Photo ID of all 25% and above Ultimate Beneficial Owners.
  2. Deposit funds into your CoinField Account ($50,000 minimum for OTC)
  3. Contact us at to request for an OTC trade
  4. One of our OTC traders will call you by phone to execute your trade. You may also request for your trades to be done through Telegram. 
    • Example
      • You: I would like to buy 20 Bitcoins
      • CoinField: We can sell you 20 Bitcoins at $9000 USD/Each, you have 15 seconds to confirm
  5. Confirm your Trade. You can confirm or deny the price that we quote. If you confirm the quote, your trade will be executed and your funds deposited into your CoinField Account
  6. Trades are settled 1-24 hours.