Holders of SOLO can participate and lend their tokens to the Liquidity Provider Reward Program (LPRP) to receive multiple avenues of revenue from Sologenic's decentralized liquidity pool, DEX, and CoinField's centralized exchange. 

Sologenic's Liquidity Pool

Users may contribute their SOLO tokens into this liquidity pool and will be issued rewards in proportion to the user's contributions. 

Transfer and Transaction Fees on DEX

50% of the transfer and transaction fees from CoinField's DEX will be rewarded to users who have contributed their SOLO tokens to the LPRP. When SOLO's total supply equals 200 million, from burning the other 50% of the transactions on the DEX, users will receive 100% of the transaction fees. 

CoinField's Centralized Exchange

SOLO holders can voluntarily participate in the LPRP and receive rewards of up to 20% annually. CoinField will launch multiple time-based programs, with both weekly or monthly participation models. Some of these programs come with flexible withdrawal terms, whereas others come with a fixed time-based deposit model. CoinField implements a daily reward payout mechanism for flexible programs and time-based payouts for fixed-term reward programs.

Example of Program:


Program Name Lock-up PeriodGain
E.g. Demo1 Month%12 (annually, paid daily)
E.g. Pro3 Months%20 (annually, paid daily)
E.g. FlexibleNo Lock-Up%8 (annually, paid daily)