Sologenic offers up to a 50% trading fee discount on CoinField's centralized exchange when traders use SOLO tokens to pay for the fees. 

The discount on trading fees depends on the balance of SOLO in users' wallets and 30 Day Trade Volume. Sologenic uses the real-time balance of the wallet at the time of execution of the trade for calculating discounts.

Your discount Tier is calculated based on the following table:

TierSOLO Holdings 30 Day Trade Vol. (USD)Trading Incentive
1< 1000 Ƨ < 1,000 USD10%
2< 50,000 Ƨ < 50,000 USD15%
3< 100,000 Ƨ < 100,000 USD25%
4< 400,000 Ƨ< 500,000 USD35%
5>= 400,000 Ƨ >= 500,000 USD50%

50% Your trading activity is updated every 24 hours at 00:00 UTC and your SOLO holdings are reflected at the time of the trade.