Whitelist is a program being offered by Coinfield to remove security restrictions being placed on accounts. Restrictions placed on accounts typically range from 5 to 14 days depending on your history.

You may request for your account to be placed in the program if you have met and provided additional information we require. 

To be eligible for a white list request you must have the following:

• Transaction history (a minimum of 3 transactions previously made)

• Secondary ID (If the client currently has 1 piece of photo ID on the verification of their account)

• Proof of Address (that MUST be different from the POA that was used upon verification of their account)

If you have provided two pieces of photo ID for your account, then we only need to check the transaction history and request for a different proof of address that has not been previously used.

Please be reminded that only transactions via Interac E-transfers are eligible to apply for this program, Credit/Debit Cards transactions cannot be processed for security reasons.

If you think your account have met the requirements and is eligible to apply for this program, please contact our Support Team at support247@coinfield.com