Statements are automatically sent out by email in the beginning of every month. To find your statement in the platform, go to the user dashboard page and click on "Statements" on the left sidebar. 

In your statement you will find:

  • Personal Data
    The data you entered when creating your account.
  • Customer ID
    Your Unique ID - you will need this when processing deposits and withdrawals. 
  • Customer Service Information
    Information on how to get in contact with our support team.
  • Estimated Portfolio Value
    Estimates value in Fiat based on currency owned.
  • Scannable Referral QR Code
    Personal QR Code for referrals allowing users to get rewards. 
  • Available Balance
    Shows balance available in each currency.
  • Pending Balance
    Shows pending balance in each currency.
  • On Hold
    Show holds in each currency. When a currency has a hold, it means that the amount shown is in an active transaction.
  • Deposits
    Shows deposits in each currency.
  • Withdrawals
    Shows withdrawals in each currency.

You will be able to see and download your monthly statements in secured PDF format.