LOOM is a block-chain based platform designed with large-scale social apps and games in mind. The platform has been developed with the idea of proving that the applications of block-chain technology aren’t limited to transactions.

The platform allows developers to run their own large-scale DApps including social apps and games in a hassle-free environment. It does not require the knowledge of any particular programming language and the apps can be developed even in common languages on the platform.

The core product of the Loom Network is a Software Development Kit (SDK) which allows developers to build their own block-chains without needing any knowledge of the block-chain infrastructure. It is essentially a “build your own block-chain” generator.

Loom Network is on the Ethereum block-chain, so the LOOM token can be stored in any of the numerous wallets compatible with Ethereum.

At CoinField, we offer ETH with a pairing on XRP.