There are 3 main reasons as to why you may be getting withdrawal errors for both fiat and cryptocurrency withdrawals. 

Reason 1 - New Policy Update

We have recently implemented new policies and procedures for the security of our clients. For any first time Interac deposits, you will be able to trade with your funds immediately once they are reflected in your account. You may purchase or trade at your leisure, but withdrawals will not be available for the first 7 days as per our security protocols. After you have successfully completed this period, if you encounter any errors or delays with withdrawals, please let us know so we may review the account and resolve the issue.

Reason 2 - Decimal Places

Withdrawal errors may be due to rounding errors or having to many decimal places for your withdrawal. For fiat withdrawals, please round the cent value down, as this will help resolve the majority of your fiat withdrawal issues. 

Example: If you have $100.8751 worth of funds in your account and you are trying to withdraw the full amount and getting a withdrawal error message, please round your withdrawal to $100.87.

If you are withdrawing cryptocurrencies, try reducing the decimal places so they are between 3 to 5 decimals. 

Example: If you have 0.35129300 BTC, try withdrawing 0.35129, 0.3512 or 0.351 BTC. Reducing the decimal places will also help resolve many cryptocurrency withdrawal issues. 

Reason 3 - Technical Error

If the above 2 reasons don't help resolve your withdrawal issues, there may be a technical error on our platform. In that case, contact our customer support and we will be happy to resolve any problems you may have.