MuchBetter is an app-based payment e-wallet offering safe and instant deposits to your CoinField account using a variety of payment options in different countries. 

Easy and safe to use, MuchBetter rewards customers for spending money using their digital wallet, contactless NFC key fob or prepaid Mastercard.

For Fiat method of funding, we currently offer US Dollar (USD), British pound sterling (GBP) and Euro (EUR).

Among the services MuchBetter can provide is:

  • you will be able to move Fiat currency in of a variety of supported exchanges instantly, including CoinField
  • you will be able to fund your CoinField account using your smartphone

According to the company "The current marketplace is dominated by highly adept and functional payment solutions. They are good but all pretty ordinary, just adding convenience to spending in a variety of on and offline environments. MuchBetter believe there is a better way to spend money. Whether you are gifting that special person in your life, paying for that ‘must have’ item, at the cashier of your favourite online gaming site, or simply getting your morning caffeine fix on the way to work….there has got to be a MuchBetter way of paying for it. We exist to make your daily spending routine simple, safe and more rewarding" 

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¹ Please be aware that the reference links provided are from MuchBetter website and any changes on this is not under CoinField responsibility