Having your account approved as Demoyou can only have access to the account dashboard (view mode), and be part of our referral program. This is level 1, 2, 3, 4 and it means that the automatic verification couldn't set your account directly to Pro (Level 6).¹ This level means that some information provided in your profile couldn't be verified, it may be missing required documents or it contains some discrepancy in regards of the database we check or your documents, which our Compliance Team will need to check manually - compliance@coinfield.com

Having your account approved to Pro (Level 6) means you have reached the last Level for approval to access all features in our Platform, You can deposit and withdraw up to $2M USD per day or the equivalent amount in one of our other available currencies.

To get your account fully verified, we suggest you check your E-mail Inbox and Spam folders for any incoming requests from our Compliance Team to complete your verification.

In order to get your account to Pro (Level 6) first, you need to complete the email, phone verification and to complete the profile account information (name, date of birth, etc). Then the user needs to upload an ID from both sides and a proper selfie and a proof of address document as well as answer some short questions. If everything is correct the account status will change to Pro (Level 6).

¹ Be aware that while on Demo, no Crypto and Fiat deposits, withdrawals, and trading are authorized until we can upgrade your account to Level Pro.

Tutorial video- Individual KYC Verification On Coinfield