In order to initiate a withdraw Request via EFT Transfer you must first be Approved to Level 5 (restrictions apply) or Level 6 (no restrictions) and follow the steps as shown on your Dashboard >> Transfer TAB on the left of the page. Then, you must choose the CAD currency and inside your Wallet, select Withdrawal >> EFT.

When accessing this page, inform all required information to initiate a withdrawal and have the below information beforehand:

  1. WITHDRAW AMOUNT - as according to our Transfer Fee Page
  2. Description for the account - for you to identify the bank account registered i.e. My TD Chequing account
  3. Client FULL NAME (Same as Bank Account):
  5. BANK code NUMBER (3 DIGITS):
  7. Your account NUMBER OR IBAN (Minimum 7 DIGITS):

Your bank account Full Name must match your ID and Profile informed on your CoinField account, as we do NOT ALLOW funds being requested or sent to third-party accounts. If you try to send funds from your account to another third-party from CoinField, we hold the right to cancel or froze the account until further investigation.

¹ Please note that your withdrawal request is subject to fees, processing & withholding times which are listed on our Transfer Fee Page. Be advised that any third party extra fees charged  is not under CoinField responsibility, as we have no control over different Banks and Financial Institutions.