As per our KYC policies, Equifax verification is part of our process, and we must manually check every profile that for any reason didn't pass Equifax instantly. 

We hold the right to make a manual verification of documents, profile and Equifax if at the point of registration the client didn't pass instantly and indeed rerun the verification, or if in any crucial situations that we need to make sure about the information provided in the account, which is likewise done manually by our Team. We do contact clients to regularize the accounts that are pending documents after we run Equifax to have the account approved and pendency settled. 

Every user that register on our website agrees to have their account verified by Equifax and us, as informed on sign up user's agreement.

The Equifax check made by CoinField in any way generate any harm to your credit file as they are merely for reference and marked as SOFT inquires, even if the same is done more than once if necessary. This type of check it's only an informational as Equifax provides this service to us for KYC and AML verification. These inquiries are masked to any other creditor who will access the consumer (clients') report.  However, if the consumer obtains a copy of their report directly from Equifax, they will see the inquiry but it has zero effect on clients' credit history/score.

According to Equifax:

"If the a Consumers sign up for an Equifax account monitoring service, they will be notified whenever an inquires are done. As CoinField inquiries are SOFT they do not affect clients whatsoever and the same are are masked to any other creditor who will access the consumer report. In addition, any type of inquiry is purged after 3 years."

For any inquires or concerns about your Credit File, please contact Equifax to better investigate at 1-877-323-2598.