Even if it seems by looking at your transaction history that the order placed may have been charged more than once or split in small orders, it doesn't mean that you were charged higher than for a single transaction.

For the whole order to be fulfilled, the system splits the order into smaller ones to complete the trade whenever necessary according to the amount of the request. Supply and demand of the current market will fluctuate constantly. It appears in the users-end that the orders were processed all at the same time.

The fees charged in case the system split the order will be the same as if it was a full order all at once. The fee charged is by the amount of the order, the cost split as well, creating no extra charges for the client.

For example, a fee of 0.5% for each 0.25 of crypto 4 times is the same as %0.5 of 1 crypto (full amount) charged only once.

¹ Please be aware that by clicking on "Buy" button when placing your order on Quick Trade, you agree that the price shown is estimated and based on the latest “Ask” in the Price Limit order book, the price shown may change and the estimated price is NOT guaranteed. If you intend to buy at a certain price, you must place your order as “Limit Order” through our “Advanced Dashboard”  to avoid any risk.