The Proof of address must state the current date, your full name, full address, and the company issuer logo.

Requirements for Address Proof:¹ 

  • NOT older than 3 months, which must contain the date on it
  • Must clearly state your full name and address
  • Must contain the information from the service company, a licensed corporation or government authority if National service with the company issuer logo
  • Must be in (PDF, Digitally scanned or photo of the document)

The documents we currently accept as Proof of Address are listed below:

  • Bank Statement
  • Credit Card Bill 
  • Insurance contracts
  • Government Tax statement
  • Rental property agreement
  • Utility bills, such as:
    • Cable Bill
    • Water Bill
    • Electricity Bill
    • Gas Bill
    • Residential phone bills (No Cell Phone Bills)

¹ In order to upload your documents, please log in to your Coinfield account and access your setting from your Dashboard page. In your settings, choose Document Center and select "Upload Document". 

* In some cases where we require extra verification, we might request additional documents to be uploaded.

* In situations you already uploaded a document and we are requesting further information or documents, a message will be sent by our team. In case of information to be confirmed, you can reply to the e-mail and a Compliance agent will verify your account. In case of additional documents, please login to your account and upload the same.