Yes, you must enable the 2FA on the same device that has the 2FA Authentication app loaded. 

To enable the 2FA, please go to your Dashboard >> Click on settings >> Click on Enable 2FA¹ >> Follow the instructions provided >> Scan the barcode with the camera from the app to add the coinfield account.

To log in², you must go to your app, which you are using for authentication, and inform the code generated for the CoinField account as it changes constantly.

¹ Make sure you have an authenticator app and that you save the activation barcode somewhere safe in case you need to reset the app for any reason. 

² In case you already tried the code, and it didn't work, please allow few seconds for your app to change to a new code and try logging in again. Besides, try not to use autofill apps, as if it fills a wrong data, your code will not work. Alternatively, if you do, make sure the information is correct before proceeding.