In a case that on your settings it shows that you are at any Level that not the Level 6, you cannot access your wallets, or even trade and withdrawal, as per our KYC (Know your customer) policies, it means that your account might've been missing some additional documents or it contains a discrepancy within your profile information. Please also check How long does it take to have the account fully verified? & How does CoinField Account verification process works? for the full information regarding how verification process works.

To get your account fully verified, we suggest you check your E-mail Inbox and Spam folders for any incoming requests from our Compliance Team to complete your verification, provide additional documents or confirm information from your profile. In order to upload the required documents, please login to your Coinfield account and access your setting from your Dashboard page. In your settings, choose Document Center and select "Upload Document". 

In case you were not contacted yet or didn't find anything from our team informing about your Account/ KYC verification, please send an email to