No. At Coinfield, we do not provide any crypto withdraw to Financial Institution as well any Fiat conversion service between fiat currencies available as financial institutions do not accept digital currencies, and CoinField is not classified as Fiat Currency exchange business. Said that you must trade your cryptocurrency to be able to withdraw in Fiat.

To have the cryptocurrency funds sent to your bank account, you must first sell your cryptos by using quick trade or advanced trade option. As soon as the Fiat funds resulted from this trade are available for you on your Fiat wallet, then you can request a fiat withdrawal to send the funds to your bank account.

Please visit the articles below for a better understanding of crypto trading options that would help you with a decision making on which option tailors your objective better and utilize it to trade accordingly.

What is the difference between Quick Trade and Advanced Trading?

Here are some tutorial links for quick trade and advanced trading:

How to trade using Quick Trade (Market Price option)?

How to trade using Advanced Trading (Market Price Option)?

How to trade using Advanced Trading (Order Limit Option)?

¹ Be advised that any third party extra fees charged is not under CoinField responsibility, as we have no control over different Banks and Financial Institutions