To upload your SELFIE for verification, please login to your Coinfield account and access your setting from your Dashboard page. In your settings, choose Document Center and select "Upload Document". Only upload extra documents if you didn't provide proper ones for account verification when registering or if requested by our Support Team.

Your SELFIE must follow the below requirements:

  • You must take a SELFIE holding a NOTE¹
  • the image must be clear >> no smudges or blurs
  • In bright color >> dark pictures can't be verified
  • No glares in the image, so we can check your information
  • High resolution, so we are able to check your face, and NOTE¹.
  • DO NOT wear any hats, sunglasses, fabrics, gigs or anything that can cover your head when taking the SELFIE
  • If you are wearing corrective glasses in your ID photo, wear them in your Selfie too. Otherwise, remove them before taking the Selfie.
  • The NOTE must have:
    • "For CoinField", and the "current date" 
    •  (Don't obstruct your face, see Selfie sample attached)

Tips to help you taking the selfie image:

  • Make sure the light is coming from in front of you, not behind, such that your face is clearly visible without shadows
  • Face the camera directly and frame it from your shoulders to the top of your head, similar to a passport or ID photo
  • Use a plain wall as a background if possible

¹ Please also check How to upload your Photo ID? for the ID's accepted for account verification.

* In some cases where we require extra verification, we might request additional documents to be uploaded.

* In situations you already uploaded a document and we are requesting further information or documents, a message will be sent by our team. In case of information to be confirmed you can reply to the e-mail and a Compliance agent will verify your account. In case of additional documents, please login into your account and upload the same.