Advanced trading is usually for clients that would like to buy and sell a crypto with a price limit. However, there's also the option for Market Price (same as Quick Trade) inside the Advanced Trading tool.

Market orders are those in which you don’t need to set up a price limit for your order. You must only inform the crypto and amount you’d like to buy or sell, and then “submit” the request. 

Please also check for your reference What is a Market Price Order?

By using the Market option, you allow the system to buy or sell your order by the best price available on the market.

Be aware that differently from Order Limit, Market orders cannot be cancelled in either Advanced or Quick Trading.

Please, see Images attached for each and follow the steps as bellow:

  1. Go to your dashboard and select "Advanced Trading"
  2. Choose the crypto vs. fiat you'd like to trade
  3. Check your available balance
  4. Select "Market" order option
  5. Select Buy or Sell
  6. Inform Volume of crypto you'd like to trade
  7. Check all information and fees²
  8. Place your order
  9. Once the order is fulfilled, it shows on your "My trade history" tab and "Exchange History" tab.

¹ Please be aware that by clicking on "Buy or Sell" button when placing your order on Quick Trade, you agree that the price shown is estimated and based on the latest limit price order (buy/sell) processed in the Advanced Trading order book, the price shown may change and the estimated price is NOT guaranteed. If you are want  to buy at a certain price, you must place your order as “Limit Order” through our “Advanced Dashboard”  to avoid any risk.

² The total amount shown is always for all cryptos, not each one.