Advanced trading is usually for users that would like to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with a price limit (stipulate a price) instead of market price (current rate in the market), which means that your order will be only processed and fulfilled whenever there’s another counterproposal from yours that matches volume and price. The buy and sell are also known as Bid (when buying) and Ask (when selling).

In advanced trading, if you place an order with a price out of the regular ones displayed in the platform, it can take longer for your order to be accepted. In this case, you can cancel your order and place another more “realistic” to the market.

Inside advanced trading, there’s also an option for the market order. Market orders are those in which you don’t need to set up a price limit for your order. You must only inform the crypto and amount you’d like to buy or sell, and then “submit” the request. By using the Market option, you allow the system to buy or sell your order by the best price available on the market.

Quick trade is the same as the Market order option located inside the Advance trading. It’s also a shortcut and a more accessible tool to buy and sell located on your dashboard.

The price of cryptos in Market Price option displayed in either Advanced trading or Quick trade is according to the last limit price order (buy/sell) processed in the Advanced Trading. Be aware that prices for cryptocurrencies by using Market option are only estimated and not guaranteed, which means that when placing your order the rate you saw may change. If you wish to secure a certain price for your order, please use Price Limit in Advanced Trading.

Be aware that Market orders using either Advanced Trading or Quick Trade cannot be cancelled as they follow the best market price available and are processed instantly. You can only cancel orders if placed with price limit and using Advanced Trading.