When you are sending your cryptos to another exchange’s wallet, you’ll need a destination address to send the cryptos to. The destination address, in this case, is located in the wallet you'd like to send the cryptos to in the other exchange. If you don't know where to locate this address, please contact their support for assistance, as CoinField is not responsible for erroneous transaction requests.

To request a cryptocurrency withdraw to another exchange, please follow these 2 steps:

  1. Choose the crypto and locate the corresponding wallet address that you want to send it to by going to the other exchanges' Dashboard >> select the desired wallet >> select deposit tab  (that would be the recipient address) >> Once you know the wallet address you must only need to copy for the withdrawal request at CoinField.
  2. Go to your Coinfield wallet correspondent² to the same crypto and initiate a withdrawal request >> Paste the address you copied from the step above >> confirm all information to ensure that the destination address entered is correct³ >> submit.

¹ Be aware that there are transfer fees applicable, which you have to confirm while you are transferring your cryptos and any third party extra fees charged is not under CoinField responsibility, as we have no control over different Institution procedures.

² Be aware that you can only send coins to a like-kind wallet. i.e. send BTC to a BTC wallet, ETH to an ETH wallet, and so on.

³ Make sure all information is correct before submitting as CoinField is not responsible for any coins deposited to the wrong address, and the same cannot be refunded or retrieved.