When you create or sign up for an account, it takes a few minutes to build your wallets until you can fund them.

Though, if your account shows any level that not 5 or 6, you are not authorized to access or fund, as per our KYC policies, it might be a pendency on your account that the Compliance team must verify your profile to level 6 manually. This process can take a few days if documents are not correctly sent or uploaded for verification as required.

To know which level you hold, go to your Dashboard >> click on your e-mail address on the top right >> select Settings >> check your current level.

We recommend clients that in the case of not holding the account approved to level 6, to check your e-mail inbox for any message from our Team or reach us at compliance@coinfield.com.

If your account is already at level 6, and you are still not qualified to trade, clean your browser cookies, refresh the page, log out and Login again.