When you create or sign up for an account, it takes a few minutes to verify your account before you can fund your wallet.

In order to fund your account, you must pass a verification level of at least 5 In order to fund your account and level 6 in order to withdraw. Without verification you are prevented from funding and withdrawing, in line with our KYC policies. in some cases, the Compliance team must verify your account manually, so the process can sometimes take a few days if documents are not correctly sent or uploaded for verification as required.

To know which level you hold, go to your Dashboard >> click on your e-mail address on the top right >> select Settings >> check your current level.

We recommend to clients that in the case of not holding the account approved to level 6, to check your e-mail inbox for any message from our Team or reach us at compliance@coinfield.com.

If your account is already at level 6, and you are still not qualified to trade, clean your browser cookies, refresh the page, log out and Login again.