When you are sending crypto from another exchange’s wallet to your CoinField wallet, you’ll need a destination address to send the cryptos to. The destination address in this case, is the one inside the crypto wallet you'd like to receive the cryptos.

Please follow these 2 steps:

  1. Choose the crypto and locate your correspondent wallet address that you want to send it to by going to your Dashboard on Coinfield >> select the desired wallet >> select the deposit tab located on your Coinfield wallet you'd like to send (that would be the recipient address) >> Once you know the wallet address you must only need to copy for the withdrawal request in the other exchange.
  2. Go to your other exchange wallet correspondent² to same crypto you want to deposit on CoinField and initiate a withdraw >> Paste the address you copied from the step above >> validate this address  >> confirm all information to ensure that the destination address entered is correct³ >> submit.

¹ Any third party extra fees charged  is not under CoinField's responsibility, as we have no control over different Institutions procedures.

² Be aware that you can only send coins to a like-kind wallet. i.e. send BTC to a BTC wallet, ETH to an ETH wallet and so on.

³ Make sure all information is correct before submitting as CoinField is not responsible for any coins deposited to the wrong address, and the same cannot be refunded or retrieved.