One of the main reasons could be that our verification partners Jumio and/or ComplyAdvantage, might have returned results from your account verification as incomplete or with discrepancies, in which they were not able to provide a decision from the information provided thus it had to be examined and approved by our Team manually.

In that case, when the account is manually being examined by our Compliance Team, this process may take an average of 3 - 5 business days (PST time) depending on the information and documentation provided by the client.¹

The verification process includes verifying your e-mail address and phone number, creating a profile, and uploading the required documents according to the specifications provided when signing up. All information provided will then, be checked for the final approval of the account. Make sure you provide the proper and high-quality documents, so your account can be approved as soon as possible. Please also check What are the required documents for opening a Pro or High Limit account?

Our Compliance department reserves the right to request any additional documents in case of any inconsistency or improper documents for verification, as well as further documents in case of policy changes.

Other reasons may include:

  • Documentation was not uploaded properly
  • The information provided doesn't match the documentation uploaded
  • Jumio and Comply Advantage returned with results that are inconsistent with profile information or documents
  • The client provided information from countries that are not covered by CoinField
  • The client provided information of residing in Estonia but didn't upload proper documents stating being allowed to stay in the Country
  • Phone or e-mail verification couldn't be completed or it doesn't exist
  • Client provide unreliable information and documents
  • Documents provided indicates to be from a third-party

If you do think your account wasn't approved by mistake or you do have proper documents and would like to re-submit them for second-time verification, please e-mail us at²

¹ Please make sure your e-mail Inbox and Spam box are up to date for any incoming e-mails from our Compliance team.

² In order to upload them, please log in to your Coinfield account and access your setting from your Dashboard page. In your settings, choose Document Center and select "Upload Document".