The first step to open an Institutional account is to have an Individual account for the person that would be responsible for this account and become approved.

As soon as the Individual account is approved, simply go to your Dashboard and apply for an Institutional account. Our Compliance team will review all corporate documents uploaded² and will follow up concerning the account status.

Your Company needs to submit the following documents for KYC verification¹:

  • "Articles of Incorporation’ and a ‘Certificate of Status."
  • Proof of address for the organization. (Invoice, Tax return, Energy/Utility bill from within three months from the account opening)
  • Photo ID of all 10% and above shareholders or holding companies.
  • Current shareholder registry
  • Information and the details about the business, address, Fintrac and Compliance, bank and directors information.

¹ Further documents might be required by our Compliance Team if needed.