The first step to open an Institutional account is to have an Individual account for the person that would be responsible for this account and become approved.

As soon as the Individual account is approved, simply go to your Dashboard and apply for an Institutional account. Our Compliance team will review all corporate documents uploaded¹ and will follow up concerning the account status.

This individual account can not be used for individual purposes, it is only as a reference of the person in charge of the Institutional account 

Your company needs to submit the following documents for KYC verification¹:

  • "Original Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration." 
  • "Articles of Association", aka Operating Agreement, Constitution, By-laws (which defines company structure and management policy).
  •  An official Company Report which was issued within the last year, including a list of current directors, a list of ultimate beneficial owners, and their percentage of holdings, etc. 
  •  Please provide URL of Government website containing your company details that verify the authenticity of registration.
  •  Photo ID of all 25% and above Ultimate Beneficial Owners.

¹ Further documents might be required by our Compliance Team if needed.