For all clients (Canadians Citizens, Residents and Internationals),¹  If Jumio identity returns as successful, then the client can get instantly approved to Level 5 and start funding their accounts. However, a manual review by our Compliance team is still necessary in order to be fully approved to Level 6 where clients can withdraw.²

We have also partnered with ComplyAdvantage for Identity verification, if this is not successful then our Compliance team will review the accounts/documents and client’s information before final approval.

This process of verification might take from 1 - 3 Canadian business days (PST time), depending on information and documentation provided by the client.

Our Compliance department reserves the right to request any additional documents in case of any inconsistency or improper documents for verification, as well as further documents in case of policy changes. While registering on the website make sure you provide the proper and high-quality documents, so your account can be approved as soon as possible. Please also check Documents required for account registration.

¹ Canadian Residents include: Canadian citizens and foreigners residents in Canada with a valid permits, Visa, Permanent Residency or Citizenship cards.

² If the instant verification from is not possible, it might be because we have found a discrepancy with the information provided. Other reasons can include the client refreshing or leaving the page while the verification is being processed.