Based on our KYC/AML policies, we require the following documents to open an individual account combined with the identity verification process by Jumio and ComplyAdvantage. In order to upload them, please log in to your Coinfield account and access your settings from your Dashboard page. In your settings, choose Document Center and select "Upload Document". 

For a Pro (Level 6) account all you will need is the following:


SELFIE of yourself, which must be according to the following requirements:

  • You must take a SELFIE holding a NOTE

  • the image must be clear >> no smudges or blurs

  • In bright color >> dark pictures can't be verified

  • No glares in the image, so we can check your information

  • High resolution, so we are able to check your face and NOTE

  • DO NOT wear any hats, sunglasses, fabrics, gigs or anything that can cover your head when taking the SELFIE

  • If you are wearing corrective glasses in your ID photo, wear them in your Selfie too. Otherwise, remove them before taking the Selfie

  • The NOTE must have:

    • "For CoinField", and the "current date"  

    • (Don't obstruct your face, see Selfie sample attached)


A Photo of a Government-issued valid ID (from both sides) - the ID must contain your Photo, Full name, Date of Birth, and your signature.

  • Ensure that your document is valid and not expired, without hole punches or other modifications

  • Ensure your document is in a well-lit area without glare. (Natural sunlight is best)

  • Photograph the entire document and avoid cutting off any corners or sides

  • Ensure the ID is fully visible and in focus

  • Do not obfuscate any information on the ID

  • If you made a mistake, refresh the page to restart the process. Do not attempt to complete the process if you know there is an error.

                Acceptable ID documents (Photo), 6-month validity before the expiry date:

  • International Passport
  • International Government issued Driver's' license (both sides)
  • International Permanent Residency Card (both sides)
  • International Citizenship Card (both sides)
  • National ID with photo (both sides)

Proof of address must be dated no less than 3 months from the current date (PDF, digitally scanned, or a color photo of the document).

  • Must contain the date on it.

  • Must clearly state your full name and address

  • Must contain the information from the service company, a licensed corporation or government authority with issuer logo

  • The documents we currently accept as Proof of Address as listed below:

                Acceptable Proof of Address Documents:

  • Bank account Statement

  • Credit Card Statement

  • Tax Confirmation Document

  • Mortgage or Loan Statement
    Utility bills, such as:
    • Cable Bill

    • Water Bill

    • Electricity Bill

    • Gas Bill

    • Residential Bills (No Cell Phone)

(There will also be a short questionnaire within the Pro Limit application) 

If you are applying from a Middle Eastern country listed below then the following will apply to you:

Middle Eastern Countries (Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates), Please note that you must submit a total of 2 documents (choose 2 documents from 3 different groups of choices).

Proof of ID Photo

      (Choice 1)

                             Secondary Proof of ID Photo

                                           (Choice 2)

               Proof of Address 

                      (Choice 3)

  • Passport

  • A national ID card (both sides)

  • Government Issued ID (must have a photograph, both sides)

  • Driving License (both sides)

  • Bank Statement

  • Credit Card Bill

  • Insurance contracts

  • Government Tax statement

       Utility bills, such as:

  • Cable Bill

  • Water Bill

  • Electricity Bill

  • Gas Bills

  • Residential Bills (No Cell Phone)


Our Compliance department reserves the right to request any additional documents in case of any inconsistency or improper documents for verification, as well as further documents in case of policy changes.