To receive the funds resulted from your e-Transfer withdrawal request, you must inform a password, which will always be your Account Reference Number (SN number). 

Your password can be located by navigating to your Dashboard >> CAD Wallet >> E-transfer >> Withdrawal option².

Make sure that you inform your SN number (account reference number) precisely how it shows on your account without spaces. Avoid formatting changes or any other characters, so your request doesn't get canceled by Interac due to failed attempts.

¹ Be advised that any third party extra fees charged  is not under CoinField responsibility, as we have no control over different banks and financial institutions

² Be advised that the processing time for e-Transfer withdrawal is from 1-48 hours. The processing timeframe starts from the bank's cut-off time. For weekend requests, in case you don't receive your funds within the 48-hour frame mentioned above, please allow until 1-8 business hours on the next business day.