Below are some common reasons why the funds for your Interac e-Transfer are not yet added to your CoinField account:

  1. It is not yet beyond the time frame² quoted on the transfer page. Please be patient and wait the full processing time. For weekend requests, in case you don't receive your funds within the 24 hours frame PST (Vancouver Pacific Time), please allow until 1-8 business hours on the next week day. 
  2. The name on the bank account which the funds were sent from don't match the name with your CoinField profile and ID provided.
  3. You didn't inform your "Reference Code"  in the comment box and as a question, or the word Coinfield as the answer for this Interac e-Transfer. If this is the case, please cancel your payment and resend it.
  4. You didn't initiate the funding request using the information from the funding page, as per the instructions. Please go to your dashboard>> CAD Wallet>> deposit>> E-transfer to check the whole set of instructions and make sure the information you provided for the E-transfer is correct.
  5. You sent less than the minimum required of $100.

The Interac confirmation email that your funds were sent to us is not automatic, as it must be requested by the client to his financial institution to set it up for him/her.

Also, it only indicates that your request was sent and the funds are in the queue to be added to your account, which is processed within 24 business hours PST (Vancouver Pacific Time). Please be aware that the 24 hour time frame starts from the bank's cut off time at 1 PM (PST) & 4 PM (EST). You can send funds on the weekend, but if by any chance you don't see them as available into your account, please allow from 1 - 8 business hours for the next week day.

Interac e-Transfers expire within 30 days if not claimed by us. This also happens if we rejected the transfer. For more information why your transfer was rejected, you may go here.

In this case, we will ask you to cancel and resend your transfer. In order to go through with this, please check the status of your Interac e-transfer by navigating on your Online Banking/Interac e-Transfer platform.  

From there please navigate to the history tab or by clicking on the confirmation number located on your payment history page within your Online Banking. Once you're able to locate your transaction, you may choose either to edit and resend or cancel your e-transfer.

If you don't cancel unclaimed transfers within 15 calendar days of notification of expiry, Interac will return your the money to your account.

¹ Be advised that any third party extra fees charged  is not under CoinField responsibility, as we have no control over different Banks and Financial Institutions

² Your funds will be available in CoinField wallet within 24 hours PST (Vancouver Pacific Time), which the 24 hours frame starts from the Bank's cut off which is 1 PM (PST) & 4 PM (EST). For weekend requests, in case you don't receive your funds within the 24 hours frame, please allow until 1-8 business hours on the next week day.