Having your transfer marked as failed can occur for 2 reasons:

  1. The first reason for a failed EFT funding is that documents were not uploaded in time (60 minutes from the time you initiated your request), in which case the transfer expired. 
  2. The second reason for a failed EFT funding that it was rejected by your financial institution. 

The possible reasons for this are broad and not always possible to pinpoint. It is possible that there is a hold on your account, that funds are not available, the name on your account may not match your CoinField name, your account currency may be different, or there may be an error in your branch transit or account number. 

While we attempt to match your information via our documentation system, transfers can occasionally slip through the cracks with invalid bank account info. When this occurs, the transfer will fail. Please contact your financial institution to confirm that your are inputting the correct information.

¹ Be advised that any third party extra fees charged  is not under CoinField responsibility, as we have no control over different Banks and Financial Institutions