We accept International ID's according to the Country eligibility requirements informed on our page Who is eligible to apply for an account opening at CoinField? and accepted documents,¹ as listed below.

You can check the list of available countries here or see the restricted countries here.

In case you are a Citizen from any of the Countries eligible to open an account you may refer on the list of ID's accepted below, please note that the ID's must contain your Photo, Full name , Date of Birth and your signature:

  • Government issued ID's
  • Government issued Drivers' License
  • Passport (International clients)
  • National ID with photo (International clients)
  • Permanent Residency Card
  • Citizenship Card
  • Health Card
  • The ID's must contain your Photo, Full name , Date of Birth and your signature

For all clients from restricted countries but residing in available countries beyond the eligible countries listed above, we do accept: (except USA² citizens):

  • A valid Passport or Work, study Permit;
  • A Permanent Residency Card or Citizenship Card/National ID

For foreigners residing in Canada beyond the eligible countries listed above, we do accept International Passports or National ID, AND ONLY IF matching one or more of the criteria listed below (except USA citizens):

  1. Foreigners in Canada with a valid Passport, Visa and/ or Work Permit;
  2. Foreigners in Canada with Permanent Residency Card or Citizenship Card;
  3. International Students in Canada with a Valid Passport, Visa and Study and/ or Work permits
    • We also request a Residence Address Proof and bank information, both from Canada, to go through the verification process. 
    • Your phone number must also be from Canada, as we will send you a verification code by text message for confirmation.

We are currently offering the service in many different countries worldwide. 

¹ In order to upload your documents, please login to your Coinfield account and access your setting from your Dashboard page. In your settings, choose Document Center and select "Upload Document". 

² Due to USA Government policies and regulations, we don't offer services for its citizens, and therefore, account opening is not allowed by CoinField, even if the client is not residing in the US. The reason is that the regulations also cover citizens living abroad US.

In some cases where we require extra verification, we might request additional documents to be uploaded.

In situations you already uploaded a document and we are requesting further information or documents, a message will be sent by our team. In case of information to be confirmed you can reply to the e-mail and a Compliance agent will verify your account. In case of additional documents, please login into your account and upload the same.